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Multiple choice exam question asks the candidate to pick a correct answer among a set of options that include multiple distracters, rather than asking for a correct answer entirely from scratch. Because multiple choice exams often contain many questions, they force candidates to be familiar with a very broad range of material. And they tend to focus on details – details uneasy to be retained effectively in memory without the help of some fast paced learning tools.

A flash card is a portable piece of card you can hold and glance at quickly to take in information. Study flashcards are one of the most effective fasted paced learning tools you can use. Our study flashcards are designed to help you memorize as many key facts and details as possible. They work just like the real world flashcards where one side provides the prompt while the other side provides the correct answer.

Unlike pages of lengthy study notes, our flashcard products focus on the most important facts and details (those “silly and boring” details many exam takers are complaining about) that may show up in your exams. They are written to be very short and concise and without lengthy explanation. The goal is to allow you to take advantage of short periods of time throughout your busy workday! And you will find them handy as a quick review after having studied the full blown textbooks!

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Our statement on ethics:

Our products do NOT contain braindumps. They reinforce learning, but they don’t assist cheating.

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