Tricky Details


The Tricky Details series targets technology certification exams that carry a lot of small and tricky tech details that can get you tripped up easily. The goal is to¬†help you increase your tech knowledge and hopefully help you pass the corresponding exams ūüôā

Lets face it. Because modern technology exams contain many questions, they force you to be familiar with a very broad range of material. And because it is much more difficult to write good tech questions (especially multiple choice questions), you are often expected to have a greater familiarity with specific silly details such as options, values, names, technical steps, thresholds, possible ranges, tuning options …. etc.

The Tricky Details series flashcards are written to help you memorize the various silly details that may (or may not) show up in the exams. Keep in mind, you cannot retain many details effectively in short-term memory. If you learn a little bit each day using our flashcards and allow plenty of time for repeated reviews, you will build a much more reliable long-term memory!


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